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I've presented my resume including education, experience and qualifications and have supplied examples of my work on my portfolio pages. I chose to use this page to let others speak for me. I've collected notes received over the years and posted some here. I hope they help round out your perception of who I am, and give you some insight into how I work with others—and my ability to get things done. More recommendations can be found at LinkedIn.





Suzanne always does great work and provides her client's creative in a timely manner to meet deadlines.
She is very professional and a joy to work with!

–Jim Burton, Valpak of Greater Sacramento

You are doing such an awesome job with our wine page!

–TJ Plew, Monterey International Wine Competition

Thank you for all of your support!

–the staff at Cool Feed & Ranch Supply
(I love it when I get beautiful flowers too)

I love it! Thanks for going the extra step to make it look fun!

–Karen Spencer,
KE Spencer & Co., Event Marketing, Advertising, PR

It’s way cool that your photo was used as the front cover pic for the WFA magazine that just came in the mail!!
Awesome, and it recognized the EDCF too. Good Job!

–Tiffany Carter,
Board Member, El Dorado County Fairgrounds

Thank you so much for all that you did for the festival. You are so talented and such a joy to work with.

–Yvonne Hendrix,
Publicist, Kate Wolf Music Festival and Gaia Festival

Beautiful work...

–Diana Rich,
Executive Director, Sebastopol Community Cultural Center

The brochures turned out beautifully. We are so happy.
Thank you so much for your super good work.

–Kelly Soria,
Senior Financial Assistant, The Hart Group

This is why you are the design genius! I love it! Thanks very much.

–Vicki DeArmon
Marketing Director, Sonoma-Marin Fair, Petaluma, CA

Thanks for all of the ads and all of the quick, efficient and impressive work…very much appreciated.

–Cloud Moss,
Cumulus Presents and Backroad Productions

The 30th Anniversary Season Brochures look fantastic.  Congratulations to the marketing and programming teams;
and thank you for taking on the challenge—and meeting—the original deadline!

–Richard Nowlin
Executive Director, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts

You are my favorite graphic artist!

–Rick Ahern
Associate Producer, Cumulus Presents, Sebastopol, CA

YEAH!! Just got the approval from PG&E for their partnership including our Front & Center newsletter sponsorship!
Suzanne. I wanted to thank you so much for being such a big help to me with all my questions around that in Kelly’s vacation absence!
Many thanks again for all your help and ideas!!

–Peggy Mulhall
Director Business Partnerships & Community Rentals, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts

The photos you sent are fabulous. I love the shot with the ferris wheel and corn dog stand.
It's awesome that is says El Dorado County Fair on it. It will look great in the decor!

–Mary McAninch
ArtworkStudio Inc.
for Applebee's, Cameron Park "America's Favorite Neighbor"

We received the disc of our miniature village and we want to thank you for it.  We humbly thank you. 
We wanted some nice pictures of our village and you were so kind to take very good pictures and I knew you would, after all you are a pro.

–Salvatore & Veronica Gigante
El Dorado County Fair participants and talented miniature village artists
Garden Valley, CA

Wow, you are really good at this PR/marketing stuff. It is right up your alley :-)

–Jody Gray
CEO, El Dorado County Fair

A very positive comment about our ad in the Press Democrat that ran today, the patron was so impressed with the layout
and the shows that she purchased a Patron Membership for both her husband and herself.

–Erin Noland
Lead Sales Associate and Group Sales Coordinator, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts

I turned a few people from Britt onto our Facebook page. Just wanted to pass on to you that they had really great things to say about it!

–Kelly Gonzales
Director of Marketing & Communications, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts

I love it! That is exactly what I had in mind. The pics you chose were awesome. Thank you so much!

–Marta Viola
Deputy Manager, El Dorado County Fair

Now that the dust has settled and MCT is history for this year, I just wanted to thank you for getting out the certificate and program, etc. in such a timely (and friendly!) manner.
I know there’s a LOT going on and I really appreciate that you maintain a good attitude & manage to get the job done. Thanks!

–Tracy Sawyer
Education Programs, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts

Please let Suzanne know that I think she has a great eye
and a wonderful feel for how to interpret our image graphically.

–Richard Nowlin
Executive Director, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts

You are soooo stinkin' good!!!!! Love them all!!!!!

–Carolynne Knisley
Manager, Cool Feed & Ranch Supply, Cool, CA

Thanks for all your great work and late hours!

–Karen Spencer,
KE Spencer & Co., Event Marketing, Advertising, PR

Nice job on the website re-make!
The photographs are fabulous -- nice snapshots of the fair life at one event or another. They invited me to slow down and check each one out to see if I recognized anyone...
And I learned something new...did you know that I can join the El Dorado County Fair Association? It might have been on the old site—
but on this new improved site, the information popped out—and this is definitely something my family will take a look at more closely.
See you at the fair!

–Letter from a patron to the Board,
El Dorado County Fair Association
Placerville, CA

I just got a Kate Wolf program and it is beautiful! Everything is so clean and the type is so easy to read. You did a very nice job.
Thanks so much!!!.

–Kim Caruso,
Executive Director, Sebastopol Community Center
Sebastopol, CA

Congratulations on your awards! How ever will you fit all that onto your website?
I’m happy working with you…maybe some of the creativity will rub off on me!

–Elisa Herrera,
Herrera Marketing & Public Relations

Thank you for your great job on my website. I am very pleased and getting a positive response from my clients.

–Doug Morgan, Painter

Looks great to me. I'm very impressed with how quickly you put that together and integrated all the information.

–Cloud Moss,
Cumulus Presents

I wanted to update you on the feedback from patients and others about your logo design.
They Love It and so do I. It looks so sharp in front of the office and
it is really visible with the bright colors, etc. I just love the yellow toothbrush.

–Pam Everson DDS,
Healdsburg, CA

Thanks again for your expertise in putting together the raffle tickets.
I have them in hand and they look great and we will do great with the raffle.
Absolutely invaluable having you put the tickets together. Thank you so much!
See you at the Relay!

– Harry Rothman,
American Cancer Society

I just saw your brochure last Friday at the finance meeting—and it is just super!
The colors, the wording, it has a strong upbeat message.
Thanks for your work on it!

– Nancy C. Dougherty, President,
Sebastopol Community Center Board of Directors

Wow, what a woman!!!!

–Sarah Bradbury,
Co-owner, Sonoma West Newspaper

On behalf of the Board of Directors, El Dorado County Fair Staff, and all the wonderful folks who attended our many events over the last couple of years, we would like to thank you for all the success you have brought to the Fair.

Your expertise and originality in logo and theme designs, posters, web design, tickets, schedules, mugs, wine glasses, tee-shirts, photography and video have resulted in unparalleled growth and success at not only the annual Fair, but also our inaugural "Tasting Affair," and the Annual 4th of July Blast. Attendance for the 2004 County Fair was 17% over 2003 with over 70,000 attendees.

We look forward to The Wright Design's continued original and inspirational products to showcase El Dorado County Fair events.

Thank you again for your excellent work.

–Bill Mackay, Vice President,
El Dorado County Fair Board of Directors

All I can say is you guys are helping me make money—and I appreciate that!!

Excell Robinson, Salesperson, The Press Democrat
(about my spec program in the creative department)

Thank you Suzanne for being part of our team!

Sandy Kleinke, Classified Manager, The Press Democrat

You two (Sam Caddle and Suzanne Wright) have been the best resource that I have had. I appreciated the time you spent explaining things to me. You are great trainers!

–Cindy Roach, Special Sections Coordinator, The Press Democrat

I wanted to commend you on the terrific job you and your folks have done in putting the creative training manual and sessions together. This is exactly what we need in the way of making sure we are training our sales reps properly. Great job!

–Joanne Davey, Advertising Director, The Press Democrat

Those classes were great! In fact, I’m going to miss going to them…the presenters were well prepared and knew their subject well.
I felt we learned a great deal—a lot of mental prodding took place and I felt a closer understanding to the creative services staff’s strengths and their needs.
I also got my brain “back in gear” and was very pleased with the work I did for the class. Thanks for letting us take part!

–Sandy Kleinke, Classified Manager, The Press Democrat
(about the Creative Ad Design Workshops I developed)

To a creative staff that continually makes me a great salesperson!
You are the best.

–Julie Kelly, Salesperson, The Press Democrat

You and your staff are producing more and more vibrant ads that have a modern edge but are clear and readable.
Thanks for your contribution to The Press!”

–Carma Spence, Salesperson, The Press Democrat

Working with you is GREAT!

Cindy Roach, Special Section Coordinator, The Press Democrat

I saw the invitations today…beautiful job! I was very impressed…you have a very creative eye. Hats off!

Cloud Moss, Cumulus Presents

All businesses survive on the dedicated efforts and energies of people like you…

–Dean Lesher, Publisher and Chairman of the Board,
Lesher Communications, Inc.

Suzanne’s creativity, combined with her skills with computers and software programs, made her a key player. Her position required the ability to handle multiple and diverse tasks at one time, something Suzanne was able to do consistently while meeting deadlines. Suzanne always approached her job responsibilities with professionalism and efficiency.

–John B. Burns, Editor Sebastopol Times and News
(currently Publisher of the Argus-Courier A New York Times Publication)

I have seen a take-charge attitude and attention to detail from Suzanne that are particularly noteworthy. Her diligence and loyalty are also major factors to her success.

–Jennifer Williams,
General Manager, Sebastopol Times and News